Faith Over Fear Economic Empowerment Inc. is a non-profit 

                                  organization which helps minority businesses with a focus on black- 

                                  owned businesses to become stronger and create sustainability in the 


                                  I am a member of Mills Memorial Baptist Temple-Rev. Curtis A. Roberts 

Sr. is the Pastor. Although we could not meet in the church during the Coronavirus 

pandemic, Rev. Roberts’ series for us was “Faith Over Fear”. We would receive the scriptures 

each week relating to “Faith Over Fear”. In times like these, is when we all need to be on 

one accord pushing forward, not looking back and thinking negative. We can’t have the fear 

of the unknown we have to stay in the present in HIS presence. During this Coronavirus 

pandemic, I was asked by several businesses to help find resources and assist with filling out 

the forms. I have the same mindset with business. This is no time to throw in the towel. It’s 

times like these when we should work together on one accord. We are resilient! We know 

perseverance pays off! Our ancestors made a way and I know we can continue making a 

way through partnering, networking and mentoring. 

Everyone is needed for economic empowerment. Every dollar counts in the economy. When 

you support black-owned businesses, not only are you helping fill the gap of limited 

resources but more importantly you are helping black-owned businesses stay visible in the 

community. If we don’t come together to pool our resources or support each other, black- 

owned businesses will die. 

Everyone can be a part of Faith Over Fear Economic Empowerment Inc. If you don’t have a 

business, you can give a donation. If you have a business or thinking of starting a business, 

join Faith Over Fear Economic Empowerment Inc. 

I look forward to working with all of you growing together $1 at time! 


Angela Morton

Angela Morton

Faith Over Fear Economic Empowerment Inc. 


Faith Over Fear Economic Empowerment Inc

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